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When general machining just won't do!


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Advanced Machining and Fabricating, Inc. accepts responsibilty for the complete satisfaction of its customers. We exercise this responsibity through adequate training of our employees, adherence to proven procedures, total commitment to meeting and exceeding customer requirements, and maintaining a company culture that fosters continous improvment. Our objective is to deliver defect free products on time, every time.

The following is a list of our equipment:

Detailed Equipment List


Haas VF/5 Vertical Machining Center with 4th axis rotary table

Fadal 60/30 Vertical Machining Center 60@ X 30@ Y 30@ Z; New in 2000

Fadal 15XT Vertical Machining Center 30@ X 16@ Y 20@ Z with 21 tool ATC New in 1997 loaded with tooling

Cincinnati Partner 1 Vertical Machining Center X 30? Y 13? Z 16?; 12 Position ATC New in 1994

No. 4 Bullard Boring Mill (Horizontal) X travel 48@; Y travel 36@; W travel 48@; Z travel 24@; 4 axes with digital read out

Top Well Milling Machine with power feed and digital read out; 40 taper; X travel 36@; Y travel 16@

Do All Milling Machine with power feed and DRO travels 30@ X and 12@ Y

(3) OKK Vertical and Horizontal with 18 X 80 Table


Mazak QT 300L with 23" swing and 48" centers

CDMT () Manual Lathe with 36? Swing & 12? Centers

American Lathe with 24@ Swing 17= between centers, 2 steady rests, tool post grinder, taper attachment

Cincinnati Lathe with 15@ swing 60@ between center, hydro shift with taper attachment and tooling


Misc. Equipment:

Acer Surface Grinder with 20? X 60? Travel
No. 5 Davis Key seater with broaches up to 1 3 capacity
Delta floor model drill press
Clausing floor model drill press
Rockwell floor model drill press
Miller 250 Mig Welder
Lincoln stick welder
KCB Horizontal band saw with 12@ capacity round, 16@ flat material
Sunex Horizontal and Vertical band saw with 6@ X 9@
Oxy-Ace cutting outfit
TCM 5000 lb. Forklift
Econo-Blast P-150 W\680 Portable Sand Blaster Machine
Heat Treating Furnace
10 HP Air Compressor

Inspection Equipment:

Granite surface plate 48" X 48"
Granite surface plate 18@ X 24@
Brown and Sharp height gage 20@
Mitutoyo Verneer Calipers 0-24" capacity
Mitutoyo Verneer Calipers 0-36" capacity
Starett OD Mics with 0 to 20@ capacity
Starett ID Mics with 0 to 40@ capacity

Misc. Tooling:

8@ super spacer
12@ rotary table
10@ rotary table
Kurt machine vises
Milwaukee magnets base drill
Climax portable key cutter
Pedestal grinder
Belt sanders (air and electric)
Hydraulic Press 30 ton
Milling machine cutters 2 2@ up to 8@ shell mills
Milling machine clamps, nuts and bolts
Sunnen hone set 2@ to 8@ capacity
Darex precision drill sharpener
Jib Cranes 500 lb. Capacity and 1000 lb. Capacity
Kennedy tool boxes loaded with gages, mics, taps and dies