Advanced Machining & Fabricating, Inc.

When general machining just won't do!


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Advanced Machining & Fabricating, Inc.

Advanced Machining and Fabricating, Inc. was started up in March of 1993 in Anderson, SC. We are a family owned business. We do all types of machine work such as Injection Molding, Textile Repair, Production Parts and Various Types of Replacement Parts for a wide variety of machines. As you will see in our equipment listing, we can do about any thing pertaining to Machining, Welding and Fabricating. We can also do Sandblasting and Priming work as well.

We also have another business known as Anderson Wood Waste & Recycling, Inc. which is a pallet recycling plant that is permitted by DHEC to dispose of any type of wood waste your plant may have. We build new pallets, crates, skids or boxes to ship your products on if needed.


11,000 Square Foot


Manual Machining


CNC Machining